"The setting: a black box, with two chairs and three video screens. The sounds: harpsichord music played backward, a referee's buzzer to announce entrances and exits, and clicking heels as the female lead walks in and out. The people: an attractive but assertive woman, and a handsome but meek man. Edgy, experimental theatre!

Aside from the impeccable acting -- facial expression and tone of voice were nuanced -- I like Two Chairs because it allows us, as audience members, to paint whatever scenario we want on top of the exchanges between the two lovers. To get an impression of those exchanges, imagine Laurie Anderson in couples therapy. (This gives you a hint about the female lead's talent and discipline.)

Like some other productions at Bindlestiff, this one features alternating casts. I am looking forward to going back so that I can see the second cast!"

Another unsolicited audience review from opening (click here for Facebook posting):

"I had a great time Saturday night at the opening of Performers Under Stress' 'Two Chairs'. At once ascerbic and heartfelt, 'Two Chairs' confronts the sad misunderstandings that plague modern gender relations with wit and sympathy, while addressing modern alienation and the secret language of high heels. The cast alternates every other night; I saw Juliana Egley and Vince Faso, who both delivered bold, nuanced portrayals of conflicted characters, peppered with moments of hilarity. The performance was thoroughly entertaining, insightful, and personal. See it."