How To Love by Megan Cohen

The First Review of Megan Cohen’s “How To Love” is Out and it's a rave!!! 



every segment is an intensely kinetic creation by a company of artists who push the boundaries of expression and are clearly engaged in testing themselves physically and emotionally against challenging material."


"If you have a taste for the experimental and are willing to be challenged as much as entertained, this one is definitely worth your time."


How To Love, by Megan Cohen, takes the audience on a whirlwind tour of high-stakes philosophy, slapstick, tenderness, and ferociously acrobatic language. Riffing playfully on its classical source material (Plato’s Symposium), How To Love places its debate about the nature and meaning of affection and devotion in the mouths of three archetypal characters (the Sexy One, the Stern One, and the Young One) trapped in an underground bunker, where they have just seven days to solve the titular question, or else face certain doom. In their breathless quest for knowledge, as they seek to love themselves and others, they undertake everything from a kidnapping to a food fight in a journey that is by turns absurd, witty, disturbing, and above all else, surprising, with revelations like "I want to live in your heart, die in your lap, and go camping in your butthole."

Cohen is currently San Francisco’s most-produced female playwright: eight bay area theater companies have performed 19 readings and productions of Cohen’s short plays in the past 24 months. Performers Under Stress will be the first to realize a fully-staged full-length production of her work.